A Magic Formula to Design Successful Products


Years ago, I learned from one of my mentors an interesting formula for creating successful innovative solutions and products.

It is a simple formula in which the ratio of two important forces is evaluated. Based on the output from the evaluation of these two forces, we can make meaningful decision about a product, service or even a single feature.

This magic formula contains two important questions:

  1. Wifm (What’s in it for me?) What does it bring into my life?
  2. Ditm (Does it threaten me?) Does it give me a headache? Or cause me any discomfort?

If the amount of energy resulting from the answer to the first question is greater than the force resulting from the answer to the second question, the potential customer will most likely accept the new product. Otherwise, the new product will not have much chance of success.

Wifm > Ditm : Success

This means that if the benefits of using the product or service are greater than the possible problems and concerns caused by using it, that product will have a great chance of success among its audience. But if, on the contrary, the trouble caused by using a new product is not worth its benefits, customers will not show much interest in it.

One important point should be noted. The effects of unpleasant events and dissatisfaction caused by products are much more than the effects of pleasant things. It means that for a startup or product to fail, it is enough to face one or two inconvenience in the usage of the new products. But in order for users to move from the products they are currently using to a new product, the new product must have much more appeal and benefits.

So I change this magic formula to:

Wifm x 10 > Ditm : Success

That is, if the benefits and outcomes of the new product is 10 times greater than the troubles and concerns caused by its use, it will have a shot at success.

This formula is especially effective among products that are designed for the Gen-Z.



The Innovation Factory by Soheil Abbasi

Soheil is an experienced innovation director with 12+ years of startup acceleration & open innovation, chief Innovation officer at The Innovation Factory.